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Augusta Junior Players

Creative dramatics is extremely beneficial as it serves to broaden and enrich the lives of young people by sharpening their talents, increasing self-confidence, communication skills, and promoting a sense of cooperation and teamwork. The Augusta Players fosters the artistic and creative development of young people through its active Jr Players (age 6 to 19.)

Through this vibrant and innovative program, children and teenagers are motivated by the desire to have fun in an atmosphere that is both comfortable and stimulating. We always have a fun-filled season planned with a variety of productions promising to appeal to young people of all ages!

Participation is encouraged through open auditions. For more information about how to become involved please call 706-826-4707 or email us at

Curtains the Musical

( Posted: July 11, 2017 )

Augusta Jr. Players – Curtains Cast List

( Posted: May 26, 2017 )

CONGRATULATIONS to all those cast! A huge thank you to all those who came out and auditioned. You should be so proud of yourselves! Please remember, someone else’s success does not mean it is your failure. You are all amazing!



Where: Jessye Norman School of the Arts
Date: Tuesday, May 30th
When: 6:00-8:00 (with mandatory parent/cast meeting after)
Called: Everyone!

Cast List

  • Detective Cioffi: Hunter Walsh
  • Georgia Hendricks: Brie Hayes
  • Carmen Bernstein: Emily Bonham-Janes
  • Sidney Bernstein: Marquett Persaud
  • Niki Harris: Lizzie Drake
  • Bambi Bernet: Grace Canas (Dance Core)
  • Bobby Pepper: KJ Welcher (Dance Core)
  • Aaron Fox: Vaughan Duncan
  • Christopher Belling: Zachary Pareizs
  • Daryl Grady: Christopher Westover
  • Jenny Harmon: Sera Knittel
  • Oscar Shapiro: Hunter Berry
  • Jessica Cranshaw/Ensemble: Kimberly Kelly
  • Randy Dexter: Scott Anderson (Dance Core)
  • Harv Fremont: Desmond Chavous (Dance Core)


  • Ensemble:
    • Detective OFarrel: Joshua Anderson
    • Roy Stetson: Stephen Mills (Dance Core)
    • Brick Hawvermale: Carter Daniels
    • Ronnie Driscoll: Cassidi Jackson (Dance Core)
    • Russ Cochran: Rachel Smock (Dance Core)
    • Mona Page: Elaine Beachum (Dance Core)
    • Roberta Wooster: Shelby Smith (Dance Core)
    • Marjorie Cook: Brette Bryant (Dance Core)
    • Arlene Burruca: Katie McKee
    • Jane Setler: Kealy Ewart
    • Connie Subbotin: Te’Auna Daniel
    • Peg Prentice: Briana Howard
    • Ramsey Brown (Dance Core)
    • Savannah Ray (Dance Core)
    • Mary Besel
    • Karen Rex
    • Kelsie Johnson
    • Rose Brannigan
    • Gracie Beasley
    • Shay White
    • Kalli Stewart

Stagehand Ensemble: Gray Nickel, Connor Bessman, Ava Yeager, Avery Miller