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Auditions for Oklahoma

Augusta Players will hold auditions for


The blockbuster show that set the standard for Broadway Musicals!

Auditions-1024x724Oklahoma will be performed at the Imperial Theatre. Public performances will be held at 8 pm Friday & Saturday Sept. 23rd & 24th and 3 pm on Sunday Sept. 25th

Auditions for performers age 16 and up will be held at 7 PM on Tuesday , July 19th and Tuesday, July 26th At Augusta Ballet School, 2941 Walton Way, Augusta GA 30909. Be prepared to stay until 10pm although auditions may conclude sooner.

PLEASE do not contact the Augusta Ballet School for information, as they are only providing a location. If after reading this entire notice you still have questions, you may call the Augusta Players Office.

VOCAL:  Please prepare a classic Broadway-style song to sing that demonstrates your vocal range and abilities. An accompanist will be provided, however, unless you are singing something from the musical Oklahoma, you must provide your own sheet music. No acappella singing please; however, singing with an accompaniment cd with no vocals will be acceptable. If you choose this method, you must bring your own cd player.

READING: Please be prepared to stay at least two or more hours as there will be a cold reading of the script for those passing the vocal auditions. Please visit the character descriptions for any special considerations.

DANCE/MOVEMENT: Please be prepared for a dance/movement audition as well by bringing ballet, jazz or character shoes and wearing comfortable clothes.

Please bring personal calendars and be prepared to list all conflicts (Mondays-Sundays) beginning with August1, 2016 through Sunday, September 25, 2016. Do not assume that we know when any general holidays are and plan to list those as conflicts if you will be out of town or otherwise engaged. Conflicts must be noted at the audition and will influence casting. Only conflicts noted at the audition will be taken into consideration. NO CONFLICTS ALLOWED FROM SEPTEMBER 12-25.

Character Breakdown:


  • Aunt Eller (45-65) is a sturdy farm woman who has managed to make a life on the frontier for herself and her niece, Laurey. She knows the value of cooperation and plays the role of peacemaker between the conflicting farmers and cowboys. She’s a big-hearted woman who can easily empathize with others but who can also be tough when she has to be.
  • Laurey Soprano, (25-35)  is a strong, spunky farm girl. She has been raised by her Aunt Eller and has learned to be self-sufficient. Unlike some of her girl friends, she doesn’t feel the need for a man to take care of her. Like Curly, she is too stubborn to let him know how she really feels about him. But when she is threatened by Jud, it’s Curly she turns to for comfort.
  • Ado Annie Soprano, (22-35) is a boy-crazy farm girl. She’s too naive to know how to handle herself around men, which gets her into trouble. She tends to favor whichever boy she’s with and although she has strong feelings for Will, her head is easily turned by any man who pays attention to her.
  • Curly Baritone, (25-35) is a confident cowboy with the kind of affable personality that people are drawn to. His strong ego sometimes causes him to be too sure of himself. He has a stubborn streak that keeps him from letting Laurey know how much he cares for her. However, when he sees Laurey in distress, he is able to drop his defenses and open up to her emotionally.
  • Jud Fry Baritone,  (22-40) is Laurey and Aunt Eller’s surly hired hand and he has his eye on Laurey. He has a dark, possibly criminal past and his sullen, volatile nature frightens Laurey. He leads a solitary life of emotional isolation and, not being used to interacting with people, his social skills are limited. He feels a need to change his life but is uncertain of how to go about it. Although Jud is the putative villain of the story, there is an underlying emotional complexity that makes him, ultimately, sympathetic. Jud is a non-singing role.
  • Will Parker Tenor, (22-35) is a good-natured cowboy and champion steer roper. He’s in love with Ado Annie and not afraid to express his feelings. He may not be the brightest guy around but his high-spirited energy and affectionate personality make him a good friend to everyone. There’s no doubt that he’ll be a good husband to Ado Annie.


  • Gertle Cummings (22-25) is a silly flirt from a nearby town with the most annoying laugh in the Territory. She’s too full of herself to realize that that most people would rather not be in her company.
  • Andrew Carnes (45-65) is Ado Annie’s protective father and he is determined that no man will take advantage of her innocent nature. He has never taken the dopey Will Parker seriously as a prospective son-in-law. When the Peddler tells Ado Annie that he wants to ride with her “to the end of the world,” Carnes takes that as a proposal of marriage. He’s also a good friend to Aunt Eller and if she ever needed help with anything, he’d be there in a shot.
  • The Peddler (25-45) is a traveling salesman who’s a bit of a shyster, his merchandise often being bogus. He fancies himself a ladies’ man and when he gets too entangled with a girl, he simply moves on to the next town. So when he makes a pass at Ado Annie and her father takes it as a proposal of marriage, it looks like his days as a roving Casanova are over, much to his dismay.

Large singing and dancing ensemble with numerous small roles:

  • Ike Skidmore, a rancher
  • Cord Elam, a rancher
  • Fred, a rancher
  • Slim, a rancher
  • Mike, a farmer
  • Joe, a cowboy
  • Tom, a cowboy
  • Vivian
  • Ellen
  • Kate
  • Virginia