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Auditions & Casting

The Augusta Players holds open auditions for all Mainstage, Youth Theatre, and Children’s Wing Productions throughout the year. Audition dates, times, and places are posted on the web page as well as local newspapers prior to the audition.

The Augusta Players does not require previous stage experience to audition, just your talent and desire to be part of the production process. During the audition you will be required to read from the script (material provided). If you are auditioning for a musical, in addition, you will be expected to sing a prepared selection from the show, and learn a simple movement routine from the productions choreographer. You can find Audition Tips Here

If you are not cast, do not be discouraged, but continue to audition to gain experience. Understand there are many factors when casting a production.

We look forward to seeing you at an audition soon!

Oliver auditions announced!

( Posted: June 17, 2017 )

The Augusta Players announces auditions for the musical Oliver! to be performed September 28-October 1.  Auditions are as follows:


Crossbridge Baptist Church

3130 Skinner Mill Road

Augusta, GA 30909

PLEASE do not call the church with questions as they are just providing space. If you have any questions, please call The Augusta Players office at 706-826-4707.

 CHILDREN (Ages 7-15)

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 at 7:00 pm

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 at 7:00pm

Children auditioning for the ensemble or gang will be taught a song to sing for the audition. If you are auditioning for a specific role, please familiarize yourself with the songs associated with that role. Please listen to the following links.  To listen to each, click in the black area on the left of the link:

FOR OLIVER:  Where Is Love?

FOR ARTFUL DODGER:  Consider Yourself




Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Please prepare a Broadway-style song to sing that demonstrates your vocal range and abilities.  An accompanist will be provided, but you must provide your own sheet music. No acapella singing, please, but singing with an accompaniment cd with no vocals will be acceptable.

READING:  Please be prepared to stay at least two or more hours as there will be a cold reading of the script for those passing the vocal auditions.

DANCE/MOVEMENT:  Please be prepared for a dance/movement audition as well by bringing jazz or character shoes.  At the very least…a hard soled, closed toe shoe.

Please bring personal calendars and be prepared to list all conflicts (Mondays-Sundays) beginning with August 1, 2017 through Sunday, October 1,2017. Do not assume that we know when any general holidays are (ie., fall break) and plan to list those as conflicts if you will be out.  Conflicts must be noted at the audition and will influence casting. Only conflicts noted at the audition will be taken into consideration. NO CONFLICTS ALLOWED FROM SEPTEMBER 23-OCTOBER 1, 2017. 

CHARACTER BREAKDOWN—all ages are “apparent” meaning you need to LOOK that age.

 Oliver Twist

Male Principal Role. The protagonist of the story, he is a lonely orphan boy born in the Work-house. He is vulnerable but tough and feisty and should have a strong ability to convey real emotions. British (not cockney) accent. Some minor dancing. Age to look 8 – 13

Songs: Where Is Love, I’d Do Anything, Be Back Soon, Consider Yourself, Who Will Buy Vocal: Soprano


Male Principal Role. A conniving, career criminal whose charm hides a cold heart. He takes in homeless boys and teaches them to pick pockets for him. Perhaps could be described as an old thespian, a man of many dimensions, a leader, a vagrant, a father, a teacher, a lost soul & an eccentric. Significant character acting, singing with some dancing. Cockney accent required. Age to look 35 – 50

Songs: Pick-a-pocket, I’d Do Anything, Be Back Soon, Fine Life (Reprise), Reviewing the Situation

Vocal: Baritone

Artful Dodger

Male Principal Role. Very energetic, highly personable, intelligent and savvy beyond his years, Fagin’s right hand “man”. Slight buld with excellent song and dance skills. Must have a dynamic stage presence. Significant character acting, singing, dancing. Cockney accent required. Age to look 13 – 16

Songs: Consider yourself, I’d Do Anything, Be Back Soon, Fine Life (Reprise) Vocal: Soprano


Female Principal Role. A cockney girl with a warm heart, Nancy is an abused career thief, prostitute and former child pickpocket. A sensitive side and noble and likeable but hardened and streetwise beyond her years. She lives with and loves Bill Sykes, pretty, intelligent, longs for a better life. Strong singer (belter), actor, some dancing.

Cockney accent required. Age to look 21 – 32

Songs: It’s a Fine Life, I’d Do Anything, Oom-pah-pah, As Long As He Needs Me, Fine Life (Reprise)

Vocal: Alto

Bill Sykes

Male Principle Role. A villain and Nancy’s brutal boy- friend. The most evil man you could ever meet whom strikes fear into anyone he sees. Cockney accent. Age to look 30 – 45

Songs: My Name, Fine Life (Reprise) Vocal: Baritone

Mr. Bumble

Male Supporting Role. The self- righteous, self- appointed beadle, Mr. Bumble oversees the operations of the work house were Oliver lives as a child. He preaches Christian morality, but behaves without compassion towards the paupers in his care. Strong character who will be played more edgy and a little less pompous as previous. Age to look 45 – 65

Songs: Oliver, I Shall Scream, One Boy For Sale, That’s Your Funeral Vocal: Baritone

Widow Corney

Female Supporting Role. The domineering workhouse mistress. Widow Corney is an “old maid”, who has been left on the shelf, would do anything to get Mr Bumbles attention. Like Bumble, will be played a little more edgy. Cockney accent required. Age to look 45 – 55

Songs: Oliver, I Shall Scream Vocal: Soprano

Mr. Sowerberry

Male Supporting Role. The undertaker, a classic Dickensian character tall/thin, precise and a bit slimy. Cockney accent required. Age to look 40 – 60

Songs: That’s Your Funeral              Vocal: Baritone

Mrs. Sowerberry

Female Supporting Role. A loud lady, very bubbly personality, nicest person you could meet, unless you are Oliver. Cockney accent required. Age to look 40 – 60

Songs: That’s Your Funeral               Vocal: Alto

Mr. Brownlow

Male Supporting Role. Oliver’s kind long lost grandfather, a man of wealth and breeding. British (not cockney) accent. Age to look 50 – 75

Non-Singing         Vocal: N/A


Female Supporting Role. Nancy’s loyal friend who is one of Fagin’s former pickpockets. Cockney accent required. Age to look 15 – 20

Songs: It’s a Fine Life, I’d Do Anything        Vocal: Alto


Female Supporting Role. The rude but also flirtatious daughter of the Sowerberrys. Cockney accent required. Age to look 14 – 19

Non-Singing        Vocal: N/A

Noah Claypole

Male Supporting Role. A nasty piece of work who is Mr Sowerberry’s pimply apprentice. Enjoys a flirty relationship with Charlotte. Cockney accent required. Age to look 16 – 20

Non-Singing         Vocal: N/A

Mrs. Bedwin

Female Minor Role. Mr Brownlow’s kind-hearted, motherly housekeeper.

British (not cockney) accent. Age to look 45 – 65

Songs: Where Is Love (Reprise)     Vocal: Soprano

Dr. Grimwig

Male Minor Role. British (not cockney accent).. Age to look 16-40

Non-Singing         Vocal: N/A

Old Sally

Female Minor Role. Cockney accent required. Age to look 50 – 70

Non-Singing         Vocal: N/A

Charley Bates

Part of Fagin’s gang. The eldest boy. Cockney accent required.

Fagin’s Gang & Workhouse Children

We are looking for boys and girls who are bright and personable. All individuals cast will do both Workhouse and Fagin’s Gang. Preferably no taller than 5ft. with excellent singing skills and some dance experienced preferred.

Song: Food Glorious Food, Oliver, Consider Yourself, It’s A Fine Life, Pick-a-pocket, Be Back Soon.

Vocal: All ranges required

Workhouse & Towns Children

All individuals cast will do both Workhouse and Ensemble work in the songs Consider Yourself and Who Will Buy as well as other various walk on roles. Preferably no taller than 5 ft. with excellent singing skills and some dance experienced preferred. Please advise if you have any special skills e.g. acrobatics, gymnastics, juggling etc.

Song: Food Glorious Food, Oliver, Consider Yourself, Who Will Buy

Vocal: All ranges required


Workhouse Governors, workers in the workhouse, thieves, London merchants, street vendors, bar keepers, policemen etc.  Cockney and traditional British accents required. Opportunity for featured dancers. Some movement required for all ensemble.

Vocal: All ranges required

Included in this are the featured soloists: The Rose Seller, Strawberry Seller, Milk Maid, Knife Grinder, Long Song Seller